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future perfect
31 December 2006

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Frédéric on stare
great shot ! Intense look.

Frédéric on future perfect
Very nice picture ! Beautiful work ! Congratulations for your gallery. It's a great pleasure to discover her. You ...

Skyriani on evening clouds from my balcony
What a pity you haven't continue to blog on aminus3

Skyriani on behind the curtain
full of nuance

Skyriani on pool guy
How sad you don't seem to be blogging any more

Cecil on Mtkvari River
I love Georgia, it's people and great beauty. This has to be one of the most beautiful shots of Mtkvari and ...

e11even on shark
oh hahahahaha i got- yes it is a shark!

Dopy on father
This is great!

Rags on pool guy
Amazing portrait!

zsele on don't
well done!

zsele on father
wow! great portrait...

Amir on pool guy
I looked at your collection and shall say you have wonderful portfolio my friend. I am hooked.

Dimitrios on pool guy
fantastic light on tyhios portrait

ReiseNachSarajevo on pool guy
This blog is very good and interesting. Good luck!

jackgirl on pool guy
great this tones

Evi on Mtkvari River
I love the colours here. Awesome!

Evi on pool guy
Quite expressive portrait!

Puja Parakh on his look
those eyes.....

Puja Parakh on father
stunning... i love the mood that is carried here.

Puja Parakh on behind the curtain
lovely, is this xpro?

Puja Parakh on pool guy
beautiful portrat

derlitograph on behind the curtain
interesting colors. good one

Bello on pool guy
I love your wok specially portrait and people!

caitriona on behind the curtain
that's a nice idea for a photo - and the colours are supercool.

komp1iced on pool guy
thanks guys :) step by step I will be moving to my own domain, where I will have a photoblog. It is ...

Fernando D. Rubio on pool guy
just great!

Evelyn on pool guy
Wow, excellent portrait. The lighting is excellent, and it shows all these gritty details of his face.

Sidonie on pool guy
Engaging, beautiful tones and close angle.

Dimitrios on pool guy
a fine portrait, well balanced, expresive, bravo

puja on my friend George
i really like the colouring of this photo

Nick Chase on my friend George
This is a nice portrait. I like the vinetting around the edge...its subtle but affective...interesting expression on ...

komp1ic8ed on my friend George
thanx Chris..thats what i was trying to achieve...i'm currently experimenting with some good ...

Chris Sullivan on my friend George
Nice one mate, the colour treatment, the toning around the edge of the frame and your friends expression (and ...

zahra on behind the curtain
beautiful expression....excellent shot!

Wayne on behind the curtain
this is an awesome photo =) so rich in emotional undertones =D its like a national geographic photo =D brilliant

komp1iced on behind the curtain
thank you guys !

Paul Ricciardi on behind the curtain
Lovely, the tones and textures and emotions here are all very evocative.

Stu on behind the curtain
Beautiful...beautiful shot. It has a lovely soft feeling to it. Really well done.

Alfredo J. Martiz J. on behind the curtain
She must have remembered something really beautiful, her eyes and her smile , so alive. Great photo!

Jenny on lock of reality
Nice photo.

Paul Ricciardi on lock of reality
Indeed, almost abstract. Nicely processed, good contrasting colours, I like the glowing feel it has.

Still on forza italia
Wow! impressive!

Still on lock of reality
I like the details of texture and colors in this one. Almost an abstract!

Rebeecca on light
wow, breathtaking.

Rebeecca on sparkel
Your portraits are fantastic.

Rebeecca on forza italia
interesting angle and focus. I- TA- LIA!

Jerry on forza italia
great composition - neat shot!

Maoya on forza italia
Ha ha! taking a picture of Italy's power broke the mirror! nice lighting and focus on the glove

badala on emotionless smile
Great shot. Great angle.

Paul Ricciardi on emotionless smile
Nicely captured, good angle.

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